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Pilihan Fanfare
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino
USD $ 7.62
It really doesnt get better than a classic Cappuccino to satisfy your taste buds! Cappuccino is Italian for hood, which may explain why the coffee take its name from an order of Franciscan Minor friars called 'cappuccini', who wore hoods on their habits. The foam on a cappuccino retains the heat of the coffee below just like a hood! In addition, Cappuccinos are typically considered a breakfast drink in Italy, but we recommend using your NESCAF Dolce Gusto machine to make the perfect Cappuccino whenever you want.

Less milky than a latte and more easy-going than an espresso, our Cappuccino capsules are simply irresistible. The most important part of a Cappuccino is the frothy foam texture, which our coffee machines create perfectly. Our Cappuccino capsules are essential for coffee enthusiasts who want something laid-back and delicious.

Enjoy your Cappuccinos the way they should be with our specially designed cappuccino cups; made in fine white porcelain or go the funky route with our glass set. Regardless, the foamy milk sitting atop the steamed milk and espresso will look flawless.
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