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Strong Wind Ukulele 23 Inch Ukelele Soprano Concert Tenor Sapele Rosewood Guitaar Hawaii Nylon Strings Ukulele for Beginner Kids
USD $ 39
On sale! High quality! Never Miss!

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1* Item Weight: 1.14 pounds

2* Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 3.1 x 3.9 inches

3* Body Materials: Sapele Wood

4* Back and Side: Sapele Wood

5* Neck Materials: Sapele Wood

6* Fingerboard: Rosewood

7* Frets: 18 Frets

8* Strings: 4 Nylon Strings

9* Color: As pictures


1*Nylon string sound soft and pure, thick and soft, the tension is small.

2*The pressure on the finger tips is smaller, Fingers will feel very comfortable.

3* It is the most traditional ukulele size.

4* Its compact size makes it a perfect travelling companion.

5* Either elder or children, they can get started on learning ukulele.

6* Sapele body (top/back/side) has a dark, warm and mellow tonality.

7* Rosewood fretboard, dense wood, will not be frayed easily.

8* Dreadnougt mahogany body with matte finish, the most common shape among ukuleles.

9* The sound hole has a decorative flower pattern.

Accessories include: 8 pieces as pictures

Bag*1, Ukulele*1, One set of strings*1, Picks*2, Cleanning Cloth*1, Tunner*1, Strap*1


Our Strong Wind Products are not toy but a real instrument. We make musical instruments. We are serious and professional.
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